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Want Help with PowerShell?

ShinyPower is a small application that helps you browse the built-in help that comes with Powershell.

Powershell's help system is excellent! But the console window is not the best reading pane for looking through help documentation. Shiny Power provides a windows application that brings out this help information, and let's you browse it in a more comfortable manner.

Want to Automate PowerShell from C#?

The real purpose of ShinyPower is to act as a proof of concept application using C# to run powershell commands.

Dig into the code, improve it where you can, steal ideas as needed. Enjoy!

Now Supports Release Candidate 2

Latest release of ShinyPower support PowerShell Release Candidate 2.

Download Now

Source Code Available.

Use at your own risk, of course ;-). Some changes coming to simplify it, and remove the use of threading.

For a simpler starting point: sample Source Code for automating PowerShell is available in the Frequently Asked Questions.

More Information

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